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Set Of Magnetic Letters Lower Case - vezzmart

Set Of Magnetic Letters Lower Case

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"Complete Components: Fantastic combination of Magnetic Letters or Numbers, depending on your choice. Fridge magnets set come in five different colors ( all letters and numbers sizes are about 1in -1.2in), totally a visual feast for kids. Advanced Feature: So much happy to combine magnet alphabets into vocabulary words and sentence building. Each vibrantly-colored letter and number has a magnetic back layer, stick the letters on other ferromagnetic surfaces as well such as the refrigerator for group-and-split fun. Cool item for fridge door. Designed Skills: Enjoy playful moments while learning new things at the same time. With this amazing magnets set, kids can practice their spelling & counting skills and build their word skills, also learn and recognize different colors. Hands-on activities hold their attention longer. Awesome teaching tool for young kids. Ultimate Gift: Anyone wish to teach colors, alphabet and basic arithmetic for kids in preschool? This nice looking educational ac

Type: Alphabets & Languages
Material: Plastic